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AQ in the ‘Indian sub-continent’: a New Malicious Narrative

Everyone loves a witch hunt as long as it's someone else's witch being hunted.”

― Walter Kirn

The ghost of Al Qaeda (AQ) and Islamic State (IS) that emerged in the backdrop of greatest false flag operations in the 21st century called 9/11 attacks on USA subsequently helped US and allies to decimate not only Afghanistan but also to create great fissures in the Eurasian Region and pulverize a number of Muslim countries including Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria and many more. The AQ/ IS apparition continued to precede US/Allies’ military misadventures and covert war with addition of suffixes like AQI/ ISI (Iraq), AQIS/ISIS ( Iraq and Syria), AQL/ISL (Levant), AQ/ ISK ( Khorasan) etc., latest being AQ/IS in Ukraine but this time fighting from the US/ NATO side. The funding, arming, training, organisation and complex speedy movement and deployment against selected targets has remained a mystery; a classic prong of clandestine warfare nevertheless.

India, being expert in using copycat of music, films, technology, manufacturing, dressing, eating and language; was quick to imitate the new strategic ally of the West and subjected Pakistan to a multi-front war from three directions through a comprehensive covert war. Besides 5th generation warfare, India has not only been threatening Pakistan militarily but also unleashed the worst atrocities against Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and all other minorities in India as a state sponsored terrorism under BJP/RSS Modi Government. Illegally Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K) has remained the main target of BJP/RSS as for gulping it down politically, economically and militarily by changing its constitutional status and by changing its demography. For achievement of all her nefarious objectives, India has been thriving on covert warfare, black swan and false flag operation since 1970 always maliciously accusing Pakistan despite clear evidences of all being her own making.

The latest twist to further her wicked designs, India has begun to spread another fake narrative of AQ in the ‘Indian sub-continent’ OR Islamic State Khorasan (AQIS/ ISK); projecting it as a threat to India. According to Indian propaganda, “In March 2020, Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) rechristened their Urdu-language magazine Nawa-i-Afghan Jihad to Nawa-i-Ghazwa-e-Hind, making clear its intentions that India, and especially Jammu & Kashmir, will be its new focus area. Erudite scholars believed that this could in turn translate into more attacks inside India and on Indian interests elsewhere”. To gain regional support, Indians propagate that “despite its rhetoric and contrary to the widespread belief that AQIS has the capacity to harm Indian interests, AQIS has not been able to conduct any terror attacks in India thus far. Intriguingly, the terrorist group appears to have opened another front in Assam, located close to the Bangladesh border in India’s northeast, where multiple cells were uncovered last year. This potentially indicates that, though the threat from AQIS appears to have decreased temporarily, with these new arrests, it may still pose a potent threat to India in the future”. Obviously, such an impersonating narrative serves India in multiple ways i.e. to keep coherence with the Western propaganda including aims and objectives, keep hurting Pakistan from Afghanistan soil through proxies like TTP, BLA, BRA, BNA etc., preserve smaller regional countries as aligned and stifled, further subdue Muslim in India and continue to consolidate her illegitimate grip over IIOJ&K through worst atrocities by continuing to blame Pakistan through false flag operations as has been the case in the past.

To illustrate the subject point under discussion, a few examples of Indian covert war and false flag operations in the past is considered relevant here:

· Former East Pakistan Debacle 1971: In an interview, Major General (retd) Z. A. Khan, former Director, DGFI (Bangladeshi Intelligence) stated, “There is no doubt that RAW played a vital role during our liberation war, but their motive was to divide Pakistan at any cost to weaken their archrival Pakistan. Their hidden objective is to establish undivided India, which they call “Akhand Bharat Mata”. Indira Gandhi revealed after the fall of Dhaka with these arrogant words, "We have taken the revenge of a thousand years” and “we have drowned the Two-Nation theory in the Bay of Bengal' '. Rahul Gandhi in his election campaign of 2007 proudly remarked, “You know, when the Nehru family commits to a task, it also completes it. In the past too, members of Gandhi family have achieved goals they have initiated like freedom of country, dividing Pakistan into two, leading the nation into the 21st century”.

· Chitti-singh-pura Massacre (2000): New Delhi court & other strategists noted that the entire massacre was portrayed as a False Flag operation for exploiting & defaming the image of Pakistan internationally. In an interview with Sikh News Express, a Retired Lt. General K S Singh admitted Indian Army was involved in the massacre. Even Madeleine Albright, US politician/ diplomat, mentioned in her book “The Mighty and the Almighty: Reflections on America, God and World Affairs (2006)” that Hindu’s extremist mindset is at work with atrocious conspiracies. US President Clinton referred to the massacre as hostile & asked to refrain from blaming Islamic religious groups.

· Indian Parliament Attack – 2001: Former home Ministry Officer Mr. RVS Mani stated that members of the investigating committee claimed that the Indian Parliament attack was orchestrated by the Indian government. Mr. Satish Verma, member of CBI-SIT probe team said, “Attack on Indian parliament & Mumbai attacks in 2008 were set up with the objective of strengthening counter- terrorism legislation & to get extra funds.

· Samjhota Express Train Blasts – 2007: Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare was also investigating the Malegaon blast of 2006 in which names of many Hindu hardliners from Sangh Parivar, RSS, BJP, and Jagran Munch were included. Plan was to remove ATS chief Hemant Karkare & to appoint a new ATS chief in order to protect these hardliners from prosecution. ATS also claimed that serving Army Officer Lt Col Purohit Sharma arrested in connection with Malegaon blast, was also involved in 2007 Samjhauta blast. Mr. Hemant Karkare was later targeted & mysteriously killed during the Mumbai 2008 operation. The book “Who Killed Karkare? The Real Face of Terrorism in India” by S. M. Mushrif illustrates that Political violence, or terrorism, by State as well as by non- State actors has a long history in India. The allegation that sections of and individual Indian Muslims indulged in terrorism surfaced for the first time with the ascent of the Hindutva forces in mid-1990s and became state policy with the BJP's coming to power at the Centre. With even secular media joining the role as stenographers of security agencies, this became an accepted fact so much so that common Indians and even many Muslims started believing in this false propaganda”.

· Mecca Mosque Bombing – Hyderabad Deccan - 2007: NIA, CBI & ATS questioned former members of RSS including Swami Aseemanand, a saffron-robed monk who had been linked to three terror attacks. Indian Tehelka magazine obtained a copy of a 42-page confession. According to his confession, many of those involved in bombings were members of RSS.

· Mumbai Attacks–2008: German author Davidson’s book titled “The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence” has verified that Mumbai attack was a false flag by Indian, U.S. & Israeli intelligence nexus to malign Pakistan, which needs to be probed.

· Pathankot Air Base Attack–2016: DG NIA had reported after investigation that they didn’t find any direct involvement of Pakistani agencies.

· Balakot Operation “Operation Bandar”–2019: India claimed that one of its Mig-21s had shot down Pakistan’s F-16 aircraft, which was also refuted by an influential Foreign Policy magazine based on interviews with US Department of Defense (DoD) officials who verified that no F-16 was missing from Pakistani inventory. The Wire’ disclosed leaked WhatsApp chats between anchorperson Arnab Goswami, & former CEO of rating agency BARC, Partho Dasgupta. Chats exposed the sinister designs hatched by Modi’s government to blame Pakistan for the false Pulwama attack, followed by a botched air strike on Balakot in February 2019.

· Systematic State-Sponsored Disinformation Campaigns: An Investigation by EU Dis-info Lab exposed India’s 15 years long propaganda operation targeting UN & EU to malign Pakistan. EU Chronicle, a website claiming to deliver "news from the European Union," is the newest iteration of an influence campaign run by an Indian organization called the Srivastava Group.

· RSS involvement in Bomb Blasts: Yashwant Shinde, ex-RSS member, filed an affidavit in Indian Court on 30 Aug 2022 claiming that RSS persons have conducted bomb blasts across India and n IIOJ&K with the aim to help BJP in elections during 2004 and 2014. His video also went viral sharing detail of RSS bomb training.

Thus, the new twist to Indian malicious narrative only underscores unabated BJP/ RSS war hysteria against Pakistan that may again unfold as a consequence of a stage managed false flag operation or a series of it in IIOJ&K or in other parts of India; with unintended and unimaginable consequences. It poses a nightmarish scenario for global peace and security both being nuclear states. Therefore, earlier the UNO wakes up to its responsibility along with all members of Security Council to put Modi government on leash and force it to immediately cease its anti-Muslim agenda, restore revoked articles related to IIOJ& K and fulfill obligations on it as per UN security council’s resolutions, the better for peace in South Asia and for rest of the world.

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