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Skipper’s Speech: Straight from the Heart

The momentous Thursday 26th July 2018 will be remembered for many reasons with respect to a long cherished true democracy in Pakistan. Not only Pakistani people were able to freely vote their heart out without fear and traditional coercion, as most well established election stealing practices were brought under effective check from the concerned institutions to the glee of masses at large despite foul crying by losers. It is so heartening to see most of the repeatedly tried political scavengers being thrown to the dustbin by free and much aware masses due to social, cyber, electronic and print media and with a very vibrant youth charged up to take the reins of their future in their own hands. The landslide ballot victory by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) is seen as a silver lining emerging out of thick dark clouds of desperation and despondency that had gripped this nation of proud and most resilient people in the last so many years due to extremely callous, clever and most corrupt mafia in the cover of political elite, imposed on Pakistan by our well known hostile foes. PTI’s victory has really given a sigh of relief and a glimpse of a bright future for Pakistan.

But what made the day so special was a voice coming straight from the heart when prospective new prime minister of Pakistan made a wonderful extempore speech to the people of Pakistan. Every thinking Pakistani felt as if his thoughts and desires got expression through the simple but most sincere and meaningful words spoken by Imran Khan whom as a cricket I always preferred to call Skipper; after all it was Skipper’s motivating speeches in a most deplorable conditions, that made Pakistan Cricket Team to win World Cup in 1992 to the surprise of the whole world. We hope and pray that In-sha-Allah, our newly elected Skipper after making a motivating, touching and meaningful speech, will soon turn his optimistic words in to action on a war footing as expressed in PTI’ first 100 days agenda. The role of a skipper is crucial as demonstrated by Imran Khan in his cricketing career as well as a philanthropist and as a politician. In my opinion, people have chosen him for his incorruptible repute that is demonstrative of his will power to deliver to the nation a state of Pakistan as was originally envisaged by the founding fathers, but right from the beginning the country and its people got hijacked by those who in the first place had nothing to do with the creation of this state as well as a Nation.

The crises plaguing Pakistan are too many to enumerate but skipper touched upon the most crucial ones quite logically. It was so satisfying to see him in simple attire, saying what every Pakistani wanted to hear, that too without reading any script or most embarrassing chits that would shame even children seeing their political leaders reading from but still murmuring or stammering….height of incompetence and ineptitude. Skipper’s speech was based on a stream of ideas gathered in his two decades plus long political struggle in the face of all odds. We have seen so many Pakistani rulers who would read long speeches written by professional speech writers but their delivery was always wanting and words meaningless. We hope due home work and preparation are in place by PTI to take on all the challenges duly prioritized by dedicated teams headed by elected representatives and duly managed by relevant technocrats and experts. Just a word of advice for skipper; keep away from sycophants, money and fame hungry and opportunistic hyenas in deceptive cloaks. Although first ball has been delivered excellently well; but a long and hard spell lies ahead for Imran Khan in a test match that could be his longest, hardest, most tortuous and challenging; however, Allah willing, Skipper is wished well by whole nation to emerge victorious as therein lay the triumph for whole nation. BRAVO!

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